Gastric Sleve

Gastric sleeve surgery (also called Sleeve Gastrectomy or “Sleeve”) is a surgical weight-loss procedure in which the stomach is reduced to about 25% of its original size, through surgical removal of a large portion of the stomach. The open edges are surgically stapled together to form a sleeve. The procedure, performed laparoscopically, permanently reduces the size of the stomach and is irreversible.

A sleeve gastrectomy helps patient lose weight by restricting the volume of food consumed (provided that you are eating solid-type foods). The sleeve gastrectomy may also alter gastric hormone secretion for approximately one year, which helps to reduce hunger.

The weight loss with a sleeve is similar to that of gastric bypass — approximately 50-70% of excess weight lost during the first year post-op. Weight-loss generally levels off after approximately one to two years, and a weight re-gain of up to 20 pounds is common.

The sleeve gastrectomy takes approximately 1hr 45 minutes. Patients will spend 2 nights in the hospitals and can expect to be back to work with no restrictions in two to four weeks.

Patient will be provided with dietary guidelines following the sleeve gastrectomy and need to adhere to the diet for enhanced results. Life-long follow-up with Dr. Nandakishore and his team will provide the best weight-loss results.

Post the surgery, patients will need o come for monthly diet counseling, and quarterly check up for the first year. There after they need to meet the dietician once in 3 month and surgeon annually.

Patients with history of Diabetes have noticed near immediate resolution of fluctuating sugars. The patients are advised to consult with their endocrinologist for revision of medication within a week of the surgery.

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I gave birth to my son but Dr. Nandakishore gave him a new lease of life. At 18, he weighed 157 kgs and did not want to go to college because of his weight. We coaxed him into surgery. His only condition was that he will get it done, when he meets the right doctor at the right place.
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