Pre Surgery and Post Surgery care

The care given to the patients before and after the surgery is the most crucial care for a successful surgery. Keeping this in mind we have the following activities which will help ease the mind of the patient and also help them whenever needed:

  • Full-time dietician available during office hours for face-to-face or telephone counseling
  • Formal Nutrition Classes and Educational Materials
  • Before and After Photos
  • Bi-monthly support group meetings

Success Stories

PK- 30 years | Female | wanting to be Mom

Expecting 1st child in April 2013

Pre surgery weight-  | Post Surgery weight –

SK- 19 years | Male | College Student

Graduating with Honours in Business Administration from China

Pre surgery weight – 135kgs | Post Surgery 85 kgs

ST- 49 years | Female | Relive life

Going for the Mansarovar expedition for 3rd time

Pre surgery weight – 120 kgs | Post Surgery 85 kgs

SK 39 yrs | Male | Movie Buff

Debut Movie as a lead hits the floors in April



I gave birth to my son but Dr. Nandakishore gave him a new lease of life. At 18, he weighed 157 kgs and did not want to go to college because of his weight. We coaxed him into surgery. His only condition was that he will get it done, when he meets the right doctor at the right place.
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